Zeke Hutchison to Perform w/ COCO!

Zeke Hutchison will be performing with the Come On Come Ons, at the Casa Cantina (4 W. State Street, in Athens) on Saturday, December 23rd, 2017!

Zeke’s skills on mandolin are legendary, this… from TimObrien.net:

“Zeke Hutchison, from Belmont County Ohio, is one of the very best unsung mandolin players in the world. He comes by the music naturally, having grown up hearing his father Robert and uncle J.D. play banjo and guitar.

Read the full post and support Tim and Zeke here: http://timobrien.net/short-order-sessions/sleepy-eyed-joe

Zeke will be sitting in with the band for 3 or 4 songs during the night, which is slated to begin at 6pm.


Photo by William McFadden, https://mcfaddenphoto.com/

19th Annual Paw Paw Fest; 2017

The Come On Come Ons were delighted to perform at the 19th Annual Ohio Paw Paw Festival, located on Lake Snowden in Albany, Ohio. The show was fantastic, and the stage ran like a charm thanks for Josh Brown and Dave Eubanks, stage managers. We thank the crew, volunteers, fellow musicians and all the attendees!

paw paw fest

Shade Winery!

The Come On Come Ons were pleased to perform for Neal and Oui’s 7th Anniversary Party of the existence of the Shade Winery! We had a blast and look forward to our return.

COCO performs at the Shade Winery

Dairy Barn Show!

If you have a chance to visit the new and improved Dairy Barn Arts Center do so, we played there in late July and love the energy of the place. Special thanks to Steve Kropf and Jane Redfern for the hospitality!

The Come On Come Ons play the Dairy Barn on July 28, 2017



Dull your misery on TAX DAY, Saturday, April 15th, 2017,  at the Casa with a free show by the Come On Come Ons, at 6:30pm.


COCO at Tony’s!

The Come On Come Ons will be playing the world famous Tony’s Tavern on Friday, February 10, from 6-9, no charge.

“I’ve never performed at Tony’s… music that is.” – Singer KC Waltz